Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Eric Threis wins in Verviers

Players in Verviers
On January 22, 14 players met in Verviers for a WASPA tournament with some excellent players from 4 different clubs. Players were dropped in four groups and there were very close games. Pascal Scheen couldn't pass the first round and later won the games for places 9 to 14. Eric Threis (Stembert) defeated Philippe Roufosse (Verviers) in the final. Two players of JSC Rochefort, Kevin beckers and Michaël Denooz, lost in the semis. Looks like it was a very good event.

Finalists: Philippe Roufosse and Eric Threis
Last 8
Jean-Michel Cuenca - Philippe Roufosse 0-2
Kevin Beckers - Bruno Goset 1-0
Eric Threis - Alex Torré 2-0
Michaël Denooz - Cédric Gilles 3-1

Philippe Roufosse - Kevin Beckers 4-1
Eric Threis - Michaël Denooz 3-0

Philippe Roufosse - Eric Threis 0-1