Monday, 18 January 2016

Serge Leroy first winner in France

This saturday the first WASPA tournament in France this season was held in Puylaurens. There was a poor turnout of 5 but there were many cose games.S erge Leroy was on fire, winning his four games to win the trophy. Alexandre Marc surprisingly managed to beat Roger Trouillard in a close game. Jean-François Balard had many ups and downs and finally finished third. Ludovic Beauvais, who ended in 4th position, specially travelled from Montpellier to play. Well done to all the players involved.

Final table is as follows:
1. Serge Leroy 12
2. Roger Trouillard 6
3. Jean-François Balard 4
4. Ludovic Beauvais 4
5. Alexandre Marc 3