Thursday, 21 January 2016

January tournament at Jurong Central

Jurong Central Subbuteo Club (JCSC) WASPA league 2016, 15 January 2016

The first league session of the Jurong Central Subbuteo Club (JCSC) kicked off on 15 January 2016, with an impressive turnout of 20 players, including a guest appearance from Hong Kong Dragons, Antonio Carabillo. This year, league players were represented as any league team they desire (eg. Man Utd, Liverpool etc.)

The players were split into 5 groups of 4, where U16 players and players who did not participate in the JCSC 2015 league were seeded. This resulted in the Group of Death, Group E. The groupings are as follows:

Group A
Ding Heng (Man City)
Rudy (JDT)
Anas (Lun Bawang)
Ilhan (Arsenal)

Group B
Dylan (Everton)
Simon (Tottenham)
Hashim (Albirex)
Quan Feng (Geylang Utd)

Group C
Fino (Man Utd)
Antonio (Palermo)
Nic (Semen Padang)

Group D
Ming Liang (A. Madrid)
Henry (Home Utd)
Yew Seng (Dortmund)
Rizal (Tampines Rovers)

Group E
Khairil (Chelsea)
Vikas (Liverpool)
Fauzi (Young Lions)
Haikal (FC Bayern Muchen)

The top 2 from each group advance to the ‘Cup’ round, with a barrage round in between to determine the quarter-finalists. The same goes for the bottom 2 of each group, who would compete for the Plates.

‘Plates’ Rounds
The Plates rounds resulted in one of JCSC’s young talents, Ming Liang (A. Madrid), winning Fino (Man Utd) in sudden death shootout after a goalless draw.

The trophy for Anas
‘Cup’ Rounds
The Cup rounds saw many goals in the quarter finals and close matches in the semis. In the final, Anas (Lun Bawang), scored a lucky goal and managed to hold off Rudy (JDT) to win the tournament.