Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Amazing success for the old rules in Macerata

The 1st Italian Championship "Subbuteo Legend Vintage Edition" played with the old rules with every competitors using the same material (supplied by Centauria) took place on January 24 in Macerata in the presence of 44 players who came from every part of Italy. it was a beautiful tournament with a lot of fun and a lot of prizes for all offered by the organizer (Fabbri editions).
After 11 groups of 4 players, 24 top players qualified for the "Champion's League" while other competed in the "Europa League". In the end, the final was between Alberto Gagliardi of Macerata and Lionello Palmieri from Pescara. Alberto Gagliardi won the game (4-1) and became "Italian Champion Subbuteo The Legend Vintage Edition".

Results of the final 8

Rocco Iarlori - Alberto Gagliardi 0-3
Jury Di Tullio - Vincenzo Felici 0-2
Pierpaolo Bucci - Marcello Scarduelli 1-0
Paolo Guidara - Leonello Palmieri 1-2

Alberto Gagliardi - Vincenzo Felici 4-0
Pierpaolo Bucci - Leonello Palmieri 0-1

Alberto Gagliardi - Leonello Palmieri 4-1

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