Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Jürgen Dreyer wins in Dachau

Last monday the first WASPA tournament of "Subbuteo Club München" took place in Dachau. The tournament was exclusively geared towards the needs of newcomers to our sport. So four players battled on Monday evening for the win. The established players of "Subbuteo Club München" were active as referees. The level of our players was very balanced. That increased for all participants the excitement and the fun.

At the end of the day, Jürgen Dreyer sat with 5 points and won his first WASPA tournament. Second place went to the absolute novice Jörg Lappöhn who surprised his opponent with exceptional feeling and strong shots. He managed to get 3 points. Third place went to our team's Manfred Guth, who also ended with three points. Unfortunately, he used his many shot opportunities not consistently. For him there would have been even more. Also an extraordinarily good performance delivered from Peter Seebach, with 2 draws and only one defeat scored 2 points and were referred only very scarce on the 4th Place.

In sum can be stated clearly that any player could win this tournament, since the power levels were nearly identical.

Noteworthy was for us as organizers that all involved players necessarily want unsubscribe again a tournament of this kind. We will seek a bigger tournament of its kind for our newcomers to organize.

The newcomer Peter and Jörg äussertensich that you would also like to visit our club evenings in Subbuteo Club München 2014 us. We would be happy about it very much.

(Translated from thre German - Report from SC München)