Monday, 23 November 2015

Chessray Jooste captures his 4th WASPA title

Saturday 21 November 2015, Pretoria, South Africa 

A field of 8 entries competed for the 2015 Champions Shield. The theme of the event was "Spain v England" - where 4 contestants playing in the colours of Spanish clubs competed against 4 contestants playing in the colours of English teams. Perhaps it was time to settle the argument of which football league was the best in the world - Spain's La Liga v England's Premier League?
Over the 16 scheduled fixtures we had 29 goals scored in total - ensuring for a great day of Subbuteo fun & action ! For the individual standings 2 points per win and 1 point per draw were awarded, whereas for the team standings we had 3 points per win & 1 point per draw awarded. The day got off to a bang with Barcelona (Chessray Jooste) beating Liverpool (Bevin Reed) by 1-0. All day long Chessray kept the Spain flag flying high - posting three wins and one draw. The only points Chessray dropped was during a 1-1 draw against Everton (Jayden vd Merwe). Chessray clinched the title in Match 14 when he won 2-1 against Kegan vs Merwe (Crystal Palace) - a match which marked the fastest goal of the day with Chessray attacking from the start and scoring on 32sec of play! Chessray then doubled his lead on 3 min, with Kegan pulling one back on 11 min to ensure a tense finish to the match - certainly the candidate for "Match of the Day". For Chessray.....this was his first title since April 2014 - are we witnessing a comeback from one of PFC's stalwarts?
Liverpool (Bevin Reed) could only manage 3rd place overall after faltering in the first two rounds of play. Perhaps what will hurt more for Liverpool (Bevin Reed) is that they surrendered 2nd place to their bitter rivals, Everton (Jayden vd Merwe)!
Everton (Jayden vd Merwe) was the only other unbeaten team on the day - posting two wins and two draws to secure 2nd place overall.
Finally a mention must be made about the effort from Manchester United (Sherwin Reed) - taking 4th place overall and suffering only one loss on the day, to the eventual victors Barcelona ! Certainly a great achievement by Sherwin - considering he only made his Subbuteo debut as recently as April 2015!
The event also marked the Subbuteo debut of PFC's latest recruit, Neilon Waterson (Valencia) - at PFC we gladly welcome new members amonst our midst as we eagerly anticipate their development in this beautiful game that is Subbuteo! As far as team accolades go - Team England occupied three of the top four individual places, accumulating a total of 24 points compared to the 18 points earned by Team Spain. Is the Premier League better than La Liga. only time can answer that question!
(Report by Julian van der Merwe)

Individual Standings
1. Chessray Jooste (BARCELONA)
2. Jayden vd Merwe (EVERTON)
3. Bevin Reed (LIVERPOOL)
5. Julian vd Merwe (ATLETICO MADRID)
6. Kegan vd Merwe (CRYSTAL PALACE)
7. Adam Murray (MALAGA)
8. Neilon Waterson (VALENCIA)