Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Andrea Pagano and Alberto Gagliardi win old rules tournaments in Italy

Presentation of the trophies

This Sunday a tournament with the old rules was played in Catanzaro (Italy). The event attracted 11 players and the tournament was run in Swiss system. Andrea Pagano finished leader with 10 points while Ugo Custo was runner-up. Here are the final standings:

1. Andrea Pagano (Norwich City), 10
2. Ugo Custo (Catanzaro), 9
3. Alessio Talarico (Borussia Dortmund), 9
4. Alessandro Corigliano (Austria Vienna), 7
5. Raffaele Gangale (Roma), 7
6. Davide Colace (Albion Rovers), 6
7. Sandro Vasapollo (Eintracht), 6
8. Gianfranco Gallelli (Ajax), 5
9. Domenico Giglio (Manchester City), 5
10. Alfredo Priamo (West Ham), 4
11. Salvatore Scalise (Inter), 0

Players in Ascoli
In Ascoli, also on Sunday, 5 players met to play a tournament with the old rules. Alberto Gagliardi defeated Pierpaolo Bucci in the final to claim the title. Bucci won the group stage and later beat Paolo Guidara in the first semi-final while Gagliardi defeated Antonio Chieppa in the other semi.