Thursday, 29 October 2015

Marcello Monti wins in Florence

On tuesday the "North Florence Subbuteo Club" started their "1st North Florence Subbuteo Challenge", a Subbuteo old rules stages tournament.

The Challenge will be played on 5 stages assigning points to each player according every single stage standing. Players are 6 all from the club in Florence Italy. All the stages will be played at our club (New Master Club, via Valdinievole, 34 Firenze) located in the north part of Florence-Italy.

Marcello Monti won the first tournament.

The next stages will be held on:
Second Stage November 3, 2015 – Florence – IT
Third Stage November 17, 2015 – Florence – IT
Fourth Stage December 1, 2015 – Florence – IT
Fifth Stage December 15, 2015 – Florence – IT

Interested players can contact Marcello Monti at