Wednesday, 21 October 2015

A nice tournament in Colmurano

The usual group picture
Last sunday 10 players were present in Colmurano (Italy) to play a tournament with the old rules. The event was organized during a beautiful village festival. Besides the tournament there was the exhibition "Not only Subbuteo" with Subbuteo materials since 1949 and packs of vintage games of table football. Many visitors were present.
Alberto Gagliardi, the record holder of victories in the WASPA circuit with old rules
Alberto Gagliardi took the honors while the rest of the ranking was as follows: 2. Stefano Gambella ; 3. Paolo Guidara ; 4. Pietro mattioli ; 5. Juri Di Tullio ; 6. Alessandro mattioli ; 7. Pino Bove ; 8. Michele Carassai ; 9. Lorenzo Morresi ; 10. Marco Leoni.
Pictures of the exhibition:

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