Monday, 19 October 2015

José Manuel Rosas is the first winner in Tabernas

A nice group picture
This sunday, October 18, the first subbuteo tournament played under WASPA banner in Tabernas, in the area of Almería (Spain) was attended by 11 players. The event was played in the premises of the FC Barcelona fans of Tabernas. The event was organized by the club "Al-Taberne junto" wxith the help of the "Asociación Cultural Viejo Dragón de Tabernas".
The winners: José García, José Manuel Rosas & Quillo Suanes
The final ranking was as follow:
1. José Manuel Rosas
2. Quillo Suanes
3. Alan Santos
4. Angel Suanes
5. José García
6. Lucas Soler
7. Sergio Moran
8. Francisco Soler
9. Alejandro Espinosa
10. Andrés Guirado
11. José Aguilera

The final between José Manuel Rosas and Quillo Suanes ended on 0-0 but José Manuel won on shots.