Sunday, 4 October 2015

Jurong Central SC back in action

Jurong Central SC welcomed back Friday flicks after they had to cancel two Friday"s due to the public holiday & haze situation in Singapore. But once all obstacle were cleared, a healthy number of 11 club players came to cleanse their itching fingers with our league WASPA tournament.

With no ranking imposed for players positing in groups, it all had to boil down to sheer luck of the draw. Group B & C consist of experience players hence it had a few nerve racking games before favourites Anas and Michael joined Rudy in the winners group while youth club Captain, Bolkiah joined Vikas & Fauzi in the runner up group while the 3rd & 4th placing group players were placed in the plates & consolation group.

Nic & Rizal Tayib wrapped up the consolation & plates group convincingly while Vikas had to conjure all his experience to dispose of Fauzi 3-1 hence winning his group. The winner group was more tensed with Michael & Rudy drawing their 1st game 1-1 and the latter winning Anas 2-1. Michael needed to win a clear two goals to be the tournament winner but Anas played courageously drawing his game with Michael 1-1 when he was 1 Nil down and was considered a bit unlucky not to win.

Alas, Rudy scrapped through the 3 corner battle victoriously and was crowned September WASPA winner.

Rudy Hesty won the event
Final Standings 
1st - Rudy
2nd - Michael
3rd - Anas
4th - Vikas
5th - Fauzi
6th - Bolkiah
7th - Rizal Tayib
8th - Noor Haikal
9th - Irshad
10th - Nic Tan
11th - Ding Heng

(Report by Jurong Central SC)