Sunday, 8 December 2013

First WASPA tournament in Quévy

There was a small turnout of 8 for the very first WASPA tournament organized by the club of SCAF Quévy (Belgium). The local club has only 2 active players and three tables but a great spirit. 3 players from Eugies and 3 guys from Templeuve travelled to the small town of Quévy and games were played in swiss system. After the first four games, Geoffrey Marain easily came on top. He later beat Anthony Lispet in the semi while Alain Flament beat Vincent Coppenolle in the other semi. In the final Marain gave o chance to Alain Flament to win his 18th WASPA title.
Big scoreboards were put on top of every table

Stelio Tsangouris vs Renald Deloose

Greg Spilmont vs Anthony Lispet

Alain Flament (finalist) and Geoffrey Marain (winner)

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