Sunday, 22 December 2013

First tournament with ETF rules at SS Lazio Roma

The Lazio “Super Subbuteo” party took place this week in the premises of SS Lazio in Rome (Italy). This was the first time a tournament was played with the ETF rules under WASPA banner in the club of Lazio. 12 players competed in the main tournament of the Open category. After the group stage (3 groups of 4), 8 players quaqlified for the knock-out round. The semi-finals were very close and were decided on shots! Patrizio Lazzaretti beat GianMarco Del Brocco while Matteo Del Brocco beat Gianluca Morelli. In the final, Lazzaretti won by a single goal! Luca Paolino won the tournament for the 5th place while Cristian Lazzaretti won the consolation group for the 9th place. Every player played six games and everyone had a very good evening. Well done Lazio!
Old subbuteo at his best

Patrizio Lazzaretti was the tournament winner!

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