Friday, 6 December 2013

17th WASPA title for Geoffrey Marain

Nine players attended the WASPA tournament held in Templeuve on thursday. The first round was made to create seedings for the quarter-finals and in the knock-out games there were some surprises as John Verfaillie reached the semis for the very first time and Michaël Dupret beat Vincent Coppenolle. In the semis there was a much more logical issue as Geoffrey Marain beat John Verfaillie and Renald Deloose beat Michaël Dupret. Marain later beat Deloose (3-0) to claim his 17th WASPA title. Here is the ranking of the evening:
1. Geoffrey Marain (SC Lions Eugies)
2. Renald Deloose (Templeuve United)
3. Michaël Dupret (Magic Team Tournai)
4. John Verfaillie (Templeuve United/SCU Cominoise)
5. Alain Flament (SCAF Quévy)
6. Matthias Averlant (Templeuve United)
7. Vincent Coppenolle (Templeuve United)
8. Philippe Godart (Templeuve United)
9. Julien Stekelorum (Templeuve United)
The presentation of the trophies

The finalists

Geoffrey Marain vs John Verfaillie

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