Friday, 1 November 2013

WASPA report of October 2013

Dear all,
here is the monthly report of the WASPA circuit. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE PDF FILE

a) Events in October

We had 9 regional tournaments (the event in Limassol has been postponed to November 2), 2 tournaments with the old rules (both in Italy) and 2 promotional tournaments (in Italy and England).

Among the regional tournaments, it was the normal activity in Templeuve, Hamilton, Rome, Hofstade-Zemst, Manchester and Thornaby. The tournament in Grand Rapids, Michigan had a good field and an italian winner. Portugal had an impressive second tournament with 20 entries. Jyväskylä (Finland) made their debut in the WASPA circuit.

b) Rankings 

Geoffrey Marain (Belgium) is still on top of the ranking, Canada is leading in the ranking of nations. Portugal is close to enter the top 10. 929 players (+27) from 32 nations are ranked. Geoffrey Marain (Belgium) is the leader of the season ranking.


Any WASPA organizer interested to host a tournament with the double status (FISTF and WASPA) should contact me. Thanks for getting back to me :-)

We still hope the good relations between WASPA and FISTF will help to increase the number of WASPA events.

For the first time WASPA has been in touch with fans from... Burkina Faso!

d) Useful links

The WASPA blog has been improved with fresh new pages for the calendar of events ("forthcoming events"), the list of tournaments winners and a page about the philosophy of WASPA and the different types of events. Hope you like it!

Here are the few links to check when you have time:

the WASPA blog:
the WASPA map:
the WASPA Facebook group:!/groups/127530464069377/?fref=ts
the WASPA Facebook page:
the FISTF website:
the independant table football forum:

To add tournaments or to send results, please use this e-mail address:

e) WASPA confirmed events

forgot the say you can check the already confirmed events from here now:

Feel free to drom a mail to to add more events :)

f) Help needed for interviews

For the future, we will try to have more interviews on the blog. If you are interested to be interviewed or if you want to interview one of your friends, you cans end a picture to and answer the following 5 questions:
- can you introduce yourself as a player? When did you start playing?
- why do you like subbuteo table football?
- what are your greatest achivements in the game?
- If you had to improve something in table football tournaments, what would it be?
- What are your thoughts about WASPA? Why do you like (or dislike) it?

g) WASPA is waiting your feedback 

Any idea on how to improve WASPA is more than welcome. A new season is going to start and we are looking for ideas to get more players involved, more nations taking part and more clubs organizing events. Your ideas to improve things can be sent by e-mail to

h) If some of your friends want to receive the monthly report by e-mail, they can drop a line to to be added in the mailing list

Have a great month!

Vincent Coppenolle

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