Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Table Football League Finland (TFL Finland)

Things are moving in the North and a new table football league in Finland is created. In it's first season it has eight players. Those players are Stefano Fontana (Italy), George Papadopoulos (Greece), David Cremoux (France), Robert Green (Australia), Vesa Kouvonkorpi, Kari Hakkarainen, Jarkko Lindholm and Marko Karhunen (all Finland). The first season will be played in four sessions during the year. League as starting on 19th October in Helsinki. Seven of the competitors were present.

After game one, the stand is as follows (game played - points):
Jarkko Lindholm (6-14)
George papadopoulos (6-11)
Marko Karhunen (6-11)
Stefano Fontana (5-6)
Vesa Kouvonkorpi (6-6)
Robert Green (6-3)
Kara Hakkarainen (5-2)
David Cremoux (0-0)

The next day should be held in Helsinki again on December 7th and the third one in Lappeenranta on January 11th.

There are discussions to create division 2 (TFL2) if there are enough interested players. TFL2 can be played in one or two sessions depending on the amount of players. Possible winner of TFL2 is promoted to TFL1 for the following season. Interested players contact Marko Karhunen for further information.

This league is not an official Subu ry (Finnish Association) competition but it has generated interest from many international fans.

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