Friday, 22 November 2013

Stéphane Lambert was the better shooter in Templeuve

This thursday a promotional tournament was played in Templeuve under WASPA banner. 9 players were taking part. It was good to see Michaël Dupret back in action but Michaël had to leave to work after the second session. The swiss systemw was used to make a ranking before the semi-finals. The ranking was as follows:
1. Renald Deloose (Templeuve United)
2. Alain Flament (SCAF Quévy)
3. Stéphane Lambert (Kent Invicta)
4. Greg Spilmont (SCAF Quévy)
5. Cyprien Godart (Templeuve United)
6. John Verfaillie (Templeuve United/SCU Cominoise)
7. Damien Platteau (Templeuve United/SCU Cominoise)
8. Matthias Averlant (Templeuve United)
9. Michaël Dupret (Magic Team Tournai)
In the semis, Renald beat Greg while Stephane had to wait the shootout to beat Alain. In the final, it was another 0-0 and Stephane beat Renald on shots to win the trophy, which was a bottle of sparkling wine. Well done Stephane and good luck for your trip in Yokohama, Japan for the forthcoming FISTF Open.
Geoffrey Marain was not allowed to play the event but came for some practice

The usual group picture

John Verfaillie vs Cyprien Godart

Alain Flament vs Damien Platteau

Stephane Lambert vs Geoffrey Marain

John's wife made a brilliant cake to celebrate the two birthdays (John and Vincent)

Semi-final 1: Stephane vs Alain

Semi-final 2: Greg vs Renald

Final: Stephane vs Renald

The final 4

John Verfaillie got a small gift (a cholocale box) for his birthay

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