Thursday, 21 November 2013

Claudio Dogali wins in Colciago

A tournament with the old rules was played on wednesday and five players met up in Colciago (Italy) to have great games. Claudio Dogali (Master Sanremo) won the tournament. Victories were worth two points, as in the past. Large F balls were used to play. The ranking is as follows:
- Claudio Dogali (Master Sanremo) p.8 (13-1), he played with thick Subbuteo moulded bases
- Luca Rajna (Black Rose Roma) p. 5 (13-5), he played with Subbuteo la Leggenda bases
- Fabry Olla (Flickers Milano) p. 5 (8-7), he played with Replay dux bases
- Alberto Grazioli (OSC Milano Sud) p. 2 (7-12), he played with Subbuteo HW bases
- Andrea Statzu (independent) p. 0 (1-17), he played with Zeugo hW bases

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