Sunday, 3 November 2013

Justin Finch wins The 2013 Sliders Tour

England’s Justin Finch won stage 1.4 and secured The 2013 Sliders Tour Order of Merit. The final stage was at the home of Yorkshire Phoenix. Finch came against tough opposition but still managed to score and incredible 30 goals in five games!, Winning four and drawing one. The Results can be found here:
The organizers would like to say THANK YOU to all the 40 players who played in the Tour. Congratulations Justin Finch!
Keep you eyes open for The 2014 Sliders Tour, Even Bigger and Better!

Here is the top 8 of the last stage of the Sliders Tour 2013
1. Justin Finch
2. Mark Farrell
3. Brian Daley
4. Matt Lampitt
5. David Russell
6. Mike Parnaby
7. Stuart Walsh
8. Trevor Schott
Brian Daley, Danny Lilley, Justin Finch and Mark Farrell

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