Tuesday, 22 September 2020

Sven Schilling wins Sankt Pauli tournament

Tuesday 15th September saw the Subbuteo Sankt Pauli monthly WASPA return with 5 regulars taking part. 

Fred, Simon and Sven started with two victories over the rapidly improving Andre and Ralf to take an early lead. Indeed Andre played well, leading Simon 1-0 for a long period before the Irishman scored twice to snatch the victory, also holding Sven at 0-0 until conceding late in the game. 

It was to be a three-way shootout then to declare a champion. Fred & Simon played out a competitive and attack-minded draw whilst Sven edged Fred 1-0 with a controversial goal. Sven only needed a draw against Simon to take the title which he got thanks to a superb performance and cracking opening goal. Simon huffed and puffed but couldn’t break Sven down until the last minute, scoring his equaliser with just 20 seconds remaining. 

Sven then keeps up his good WASPA form to maintain his strong world ranking. 

Ralf Offenborn - Fred Elesbao   1-2
Andre Lange - Simon Stewart   1-2

Sven Schilling - Andre Lange   1-0
Simon Stewart - Ralf Offenborn   2-0

Fred Elesbao - Simon Stewart   0-0
Ralf Offenborn - Sven Schilling   0-3

Andre Lange - Ralf Offenborn   1-0
Sven Schilling - Fred Elesbao   1-0

Simon Stewart - Sven Schilling   1-1
Fred Elesbao - Andre Lange   2-0

Final standings 

1. Sven Schilling   6-1   10 P.
2. Simon Stewart   5-2   8 P.
3. Fred Elesbao   4-2   7 P.
4. Andre Lange   2-5   3 P.
5. Ralf Offenborn   1-8   0 P.

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