Tuesday, 1 September 2020

Guido Cerullo wins in Trieste

In Italy the club of "ASD CRAL Subbuteo Triestina" held a very first tournamnt under WASPA banner on August 23. It was a good event with 9 players in the Open category and 4 juniors. The Open section was played in Swiss system and Guido Cerullo (DLF Gorizia) won his five games to claim the trophy. The junior section was won by the young Valerio. Huge thanks to the Triestina players and welcome int he WASPA circuit! Thanks also to Gianpaolo Abagnale for his work to develop the WASPA circuit in Italy!

Standings of the Open tournament:

1. Guido Cerullo (DLF Gorizia)
2. Daniele Della Monaca (Hawks Treviso)
3. Alex Cafiero (DLF Gorizia)
4. Dario Bilucaglia (Subbuteo Triestina)
5. Alessandro Spiller (Subbuteo Triestina)
6. Gennaro Mancini (DLF Gorizia)
7. Alberto Spiller (Subbuteo Triestina)
8. Matteo Fumai (DLF Gorizia)
9. Federico Del Ben (Hawks Treviso)

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