Monday, 28 September 2020

Jurong Subbuteo is Back Flicking

26 Sept was a delightful flicking session for us, after being absent for several months due to  COVID-19 pandemic & our country strict safety measures. Jurong club Captain hosted the session with stringent precaution made before, during & after every games with 5 players turning out to play a round robin session. 

The long layoff from table football showed on the players form. However with every play, the players began to recover their mojo, & they began playing with more finesse & confidence.  

In the end of the session, the victor of “the come back WASPA” was Rudy, who managed to win all his games. The runner-up was Anas who shared the points with Kok Wee & edged the latter on goal difference. Rizal Taib came in 4th with the rusty Vikas finishing last. 

Eventhough the world is progressing in the combating of the virus, we should never let our guard down & continue to be vigilant & take the necessary safety precaution during this new normal. 

Stay safe to all & continuing flicking.

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