Thursday, 8 February 2018

International news - Results of 6 events

Reports from several events held in Spain, Austria, Malta, Northern Ireland, Wales and Belgium in the last few days. Enjoy!

3rd Mont Goal tournament in Javea

In Spain, the 3rd "Mont Goal" tournament in Javea had a small turnout of 3 after several players dropped out due to the flu. Players met each other twice and in the end Pasquale Carrassi (Italy) defeated David Mc Aulay (Scotland) in the final (4-) to claim the title.

Top picture: Alfie get his medal
Left picture: David and Pasquale

Roland Schwacha is a winner in Ebenfurth
In Austria, the second tournament in Ebenfurth saw the victory of Roland Schwacha who finished on top of a group of 4. Horst Deimel was runner-up while Hungary's András Hicz took the 3rd place. Robert Lengyel was fourth. To be noted Robert, Horst and András finished with the same number of points and the goal-difference was needed to decide the winner.

Action in Malta during the FISTF Satellite
WASPA games durung a FISTF tournament in Malta. Thank you Josef Camilleri!
The FISTF Satellite of Bormla in Malta had a consolation tournament under WASPA banner. Melvin Barun took the honors after defeating Jamie Bonnici in the final. Thanks to Josef Camilleri for making things happen!

5th tournament of the season in Derry
Players in Derry
In Derry, league night number 6 was run as the club's 5th WASPA tournament of the season. 6 players competed in the league format with Martinog Bradley coming out on top, closely followed by Brendan Rodgers. The next Derry tournament will be held on January 19.

Final standings:
Martinog Bradley - 13 (13:1)
Brendan Rodgers - 11 (13:2)
Lawrence Watson - 5 (2:6)
Craig Stewart - 3 (3:7)
Liam Monaghan - 3 (3:10)
Martin Bradley - 3 (1:9)

Dan Nicholls wins in Knighton
A Promotional tournament was held in Knighton on Sunday. Dan Nicholls finished on top of a group of 4 while Tom Taylor was runner-up, Danny Bird took the 3rd place and Kenny Evans was 4th.

Jos Ceulemans still on top in Belgium
Jos Ceulemans, in the center of the picture, celebrates his victory
Finally, the 46th WASPA tournament of SC Flanders took place on Monday in Hofstade-Zemst, Belgium. Six players were attending in Swiss system and Jos Ceulemans won his four games to finish on top of the Swiss ladder. Great job!

Final table:
1. Jos Ceulemans (12)
2. Geert Leys (7)
3. Johan Lourdon (7)
4. Bart Vandevliet (4)
5. Willy Debandt (3)
6. Danny De Greef (1)

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