Thursday, 1 February 2018

News from Scotland, Italy, Wales, Spain

Several WASPA events have been held in the last couple of days. Here is a summary of the different results.

Action in Letham

In Scotland, it was great to see Dundee United TFC running their second event of the month. 7 players were taking part and competed in a league so that everyone had six games. Steve Bennett finished on top with 17 points while Andy Baskaby (15) was runner-up and Rob Conway (12) took the third place. Gareth Christie, David Baxter, Dave Minty and Craig Thom were also taking part. It was already Steve Bennett's 40th WASPA title!

There is a something going on in Wales for sure. The Knighton club had another event on Sunday. Danny Bird (London Road SC) finished on top of a group of 4 with 14 points in 6 games. Danny Bird had 10, Tom Taylor took the third place and Kenny Evans was the 4th player. Who knows is Knighton TFC will not become the next "WASPA top club"?

The players in Valencia

The second tournament of the "Province of Valencia" league took part on Sunday in Valencia (Spain) with seven players from two different clubs: Turia and Marina Citerior. Raul Benita claimed his second WASPA title after defeating Fernando Gomez in the final. Pasquale Carrassi (Italy) defeated Jorge López in the game for the third place. Stefka Pirova (Bulgaria), Abraham Martinez and Scotland's David Mc Aulay were also taking part.

Logo of Subbuteo Firenze
Finally, the club of Firenze in Italy had another successful evening on Monday with 16 players taking part. Marco Bonciani managed to claim his 10th WASPA title after defeating Davide Visani in the final (3-2). Mirko Masini and Matteo Cherici reached the semi-finals. Firenze remains Italy's top club in the WASPA circuit with very nice turnouts at every evening.

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