Sunday, 25 February 2018

Fernando Gomez wins another MontGoal Tournament

Fernando wins the trophy
On Saturday there was some action again in Spain as the club of Marina Citerior was holding the 4th MontGoal Tournament. It was a good event with seven players, a total of 25 matches played and the participation of two of the winners of the Spanish Championship by the Spanish Table Soccer Association, Alex Iliev and Stefka Pirova. A league formula was played and then the semi-finals between the first four and the finals. The clear winner was Fernando Gómez, followed by Pedro Benavente and Pasquale Carrassi third. The Hall of Honor is now two victories each for Pasquale and Fernando. The Peter Adolph cup will be assigned to the first  player able to reach a total of five victories.

Final table:
1. Fernando Gomez (Spain)
2. Pedro Benavente (Spain)
3. Pasquale Carrassi (Italy)
4. Alex Iliev (Bulgaria)
5. David Mc Aulay (Scotland)
6. Stefka Pirova (Bulgaria)
7. Lisa Carrassi (Italy)

Promotional event
To be noted Marina Citerior Subbuteo Club also held a small promotional tournament earlier this month with three players. Pasquale Carrassi finished on top of the group while David Mc Aulay was runner-up and Lisa Carrassi took the third place.

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