Friday, 16 February 2018

Geoffrey Marain best of 18 in Templeuve

Top 3 of the evening: Steffen Despretz - Geoffrey Marain - Matthias Averlant

5 of the 6 juniors involved 

Five veterans playing with the younger generation

The players
The monthly tournament in Templeuve had a great field of 18 on tuesday with 6 players from AS Hennuyer and 3 from Tournai visiting the Templeuve club. Geoffrey Marain won the event with no surprise as he won his four games while clubmate Steffen Despretz was runner-up and Matthias Averlant was the best Junior. The U19 Templeuve player finishe din third position with 9 points. There were 2 French players and also a total of 5 juniors. it was nice to see Kevin Bonvarlet's first appearance in a tournament and the come-back of jean-Luc Canfin after a long Hyatus. Thanks to all the players involved!

Final standings:
1. Geoffrey Marain (BEL/AS Hennuyer)
2. Steffen Despretz (BEL/AS Hennuyer)
3. Matthias Averlant (BEL/Templeuve)
4. Michaël Dupret (BEL/Tournai)
5. Vincent Coppenolle (BEL/Templeuve)
6. Corentin Boltz (BEL/AS Hennuyer)
7. Alain Flament (BEL/SCAF Quévy)
8. Benoit Lagneau (BEL/AS Hennuyer)
9ea André Boltz (BEL/AS Hennuyer)
9ea Jean-Luc Canfin (BEL/Tournai)
11. Franck Santer (FRA/Templeuve)
12. Léa Despretz (BEL/AS Hennuyer)
13. Eric Caillaux (FRA/Templeuve)
14. Florian Renaut (BEL/Templeuve)
15. Benjamin Marain (BEL/Warcoing Ducks)
16ea Julie Taquin (BEL/Templeuve)
16ea Jordan Bonte (BEL/Templeuve)
18. Kevin Bonvarlet (BEL/Tournai)

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