Sunday, 5 November 2017

Stéphane Lambert claims a second title

Logan Carette and Stéphane Lambert
Templeuve United players held their monthly tournament in a usual time on Thuersday to celebrate the visit of three representatives of SC Semois, a club based in the South of Belgium, approximately 200 kilometers away from Templeuve. The tournament was held in the afternoon, which means some players couldn't make it due to work commitments. Geoffrey marain couldn't make it this time so everybody expected a very open tournament. In the last sessions, the decisive game between Vincent Coppenolle (9 points) and Stéphane Lambert (7) was nice to watch and in the end, Lambert won the game (2-1) and the trophy. This is the Yokohama player's first WASPA trophy in Belgium, his second ever after winning in Singapore a few years ago. Logan Carette, who was back in action after a long hyatus, took the second place while Coppenolle was 3rd and Michaël Dupret 4th. The day ended with drinks and fries and everybody was glad after a great tournament. More action will be organized in the near future.

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