Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Action in Finland

Last Saturday a WASPA tournament was held in Helsinki, Finland with six players taking part. Local players had the visit of Australia's Robert Green while George Papadopoulos from Greece was also taking part. Jani Mustonen and Jarkko Lindholm made a comeback after 4 or 5 years so it was great to see them back in action. Finnish players have hopes to play more in the future in the FISTF scene. In the end, the standings of the tournament were as follows:
1. George Papadopoulos (Flickers Milano)
2. Jani Mustonen
3. Jarkko Lindholm
4. Robert Green
5. Kari Hakkarainen
6. Petri Katila

Papadopoulos - Green 2-0
Mustonen - Lindholm 1-2

3rd place:
Mustonen - Green 0-0, shoot-out 1-2

Papadopoulos - Lindholm 2-0

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