Thursday, 23 November 2017

Daniel Cranston is Delaware Valley Open Champion

The 2017 Delaware Valley Open took place last Sunday in Avondale, PA with a good turnout of 10 players. The Open champion was Daniel Cranston who defeated Gregg Deinhart 4–0 to capture his third straight Delaware Valley Open Title, his forth Delaware Valley Open title overall. In the semis, Daniel Cranston defeated Andrew Giffen 3–2 in overtime while Gregg Deinhart defeated Paul Eyes 2–1 in a shoot-out when Gregg scored on his first three shots in the shoot-out while Paul was only able to score on his first two attempts. The score of the shoot-out was 3–2.

The consolation event, called "Mushroom Cup" saw Bryan Arnold defeating Grant Lilly 2-1 in overtime to win his first Mushroom Cup.

Thanks to Andrew Zunino for hosting the tournament

2017 Delaware Valley Open Champion: Daniel Cranston
2017 Mushroom Cup Champion (Consolation Round): Bryan Arnold

Final Standings:
1.) Daniel Cranston
2.) Gregg Deinhart
3.) Paul Eyes
4.) Andrew Giffen
5.) Andrew Zunino
6.) Adolfo Colindres
7.) Bryan Arnold
8.) Grant Lilly
9.) Doshu Tokeshi
10.) Nicholas Deinhart

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