Monday, 13 November 2017

Cape Town Open 2017

Sunday the 12th November saw Cape Town City Subbuteo Club hosting the 4th annual Cape Town Open. It’s always a big deal when we get visitors to the southern tip of Africa, and so it was wonderful to have Julian van der Merwe (Pretoria Flickers) joining us for the event.
The tournament was held at the Sports Science Institute of South Africa in Newlands. Seven players took part in a round-robin format, with everyone playing each other once. It was a particularly fun and relaxed afternoon. Notable highlights included:
- The first time in it’s 4 year history that the Cape Town Open was actually won by a local.
- Four penalties being awarded in the tournament, of which no less than three were missed. (How difficult is that to achieve in Subbuteo…?!).
- Wayne’s ‘on-the-move’ goal of the tournament against Clinton.
- Julian holding his own against Wayne, until he unfortunately spoiled it with an own-goal!
- John showing why he is Cape Town’s most improved player, with Julian describing 3 of the goals which were put past him as being absolutely ‘brilliant’.
- Rob and Clinton’s epic match, with the former scoring 3 superb long-range goals, and then the latter coming back from being 2-3 down to eventually winning 5-3.
- Grant’s undying positive energy.
- Mike’s standing his ground amidst much consternation, and ultimately opening our eyes to the proper interpretation of a particular rule.
- The patience which Julian’s wife Ramona displayed in sitting through the entire event.

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