Thursday, 26 October 2017

Jurong Central October 17 tournament

12 players competed in this month’s JCSC League, at the usual Jurong Central Subbuteo Clubhouse. The players were split into 2 groups of 6, with Group B notably being the Group of Death, where not a single match was easy for any of the players. The top players from the respective groups will battle each other for the top prize. The 2nd from each group would battle for 3rd/4th placing, and so on.

Group A Games
Anas cruised relatively easily to the top of the table, by winning all his group games, with Bernard Lim close behind in second, only having lost to Anas in the first round of group games. The youngest player, Isaac Lim, did quite well finishing in 4th, after holding veteran player Ezan, and winning against seasoned player Rizal T.

Group A Standings:
1st: Anas
2nd: Bernard Lim
3rd: Rizal T
4th: Isaac Lim
5th: Ezan
6th: Bolkiah

Group B Games
Group B was notably the Group of Death as all the players are skilled and could not be underestimated. There were a handful of games that ended in a draw, with Michael, Haikal and Fauzi bagging 3 draws each. Ultimately it was Rudy who took the top spot with Michael in second, where both players ended the group games undefeated.

Group B Standings:
1st: Rudy
2nd: Michael
3rd: Nic
4th: Fauzi
5th: Haikal
6th: Simon

It was yet another tight affair between Rudy and Anas in yet another final. Rudy dominated most of the game as Anas failed to maintain any sort of possession. However, Anas managed to defend well even after numerous corner flicks coming from Rudy. The game ended 0-0 at full time, bringing the Final to Sudden Death. Anas managed to utilize his possession and scored the crucial golden goal.

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