Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Frightening Flicks Halloween tournament in Derry

Mark ‘The Moth’ McCrossan’s reign of terror at DCTFC was brought to an end tonight by Brendan ‘The Donegal Demon’ Rodgers in our Frightening Flicks Halloween WASPA tournament. After felling the Bearded Bradley in the semi-final and Following a tense scoreless draw, Rodgers took the win 2-1 on shots. A fantastic turn out for the club saw 11 players competing. 2 new players have now joined the ranks and we had the welcome return of Paul Boyle. Our next tournament will be our 1 year anniversary Cup and we look forward to an even bigger turnout then.

Brendan Rodgers - Martinog Bradley 3-2
Mark Mc Crossan - Lawrence Watson 2-0

Brendan Rodgers - Mark Mc Crossan 2-1

(Report by Martinog Bradley)

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