Sunday, 11 June 2017

Sad news from Australia

It is with great sadness that we have to inform you that Australian player Harley Ullrich died this morning. The following is from his sister: "I'm so sad to tell you that Harley passed away peacefully at 2.32am this morning surrounded by love, with his family by his side. I don't have the words to express the hurt that we are feeling. The pain hasn't even begin to set it. Things just turned all of a sudden late last night. He was incredible to the end. Courageous and staunch and thoughtful. I know Harley would want to thank you for all the support, it meant so much to him and It also means so much to our family. I know you will be hurting as well. Lots of love. Zoe."

Harley Ullrich was ranked 634th in the latest WASPA and was a member of the Northern Falcons TFC. He appeared for the first time in a WASPA tournament on November 29, 2015 in Sydney for a total of 6 appearances in the circuit. He event reached the semi-finals in a tournament in Chastwood in May 2016. All his friends in the WASPA circuit send their sincere condolences to his family.

We kindly ask all organizers in the WASPA circuit to respect a minute of silence during events held in June 2017.