Monday, 12 June 2017

Marco Zucchi wins the Czech Cup

This Saturday the National cup in Czech Republic was organized in Prague under WASPA banner. 8 players were competing and among them a few Czech legends were registered. As always, the tournament took place in the "Subbuteo friendly Hotel" so that players could enjoy some rest between games. Some sweet food, vegetables and italian sausages were provided from Marco and Paolo who cooked the sausages for all players in the evening. "It was a great time together, also playing a little bit of football with Paolo's childrens", reported Marco Zucchi!
The tournament was played as a league so that everyoneone played 7 games. In the end, Marco Zucchi was the champion, taking the honors while David Vaccke was runner-up and David Young was third. Other players in the ranking were Radek Cjainik, Martin Novotny, Paolo De Stefano, Jiri Uchytil and Paolo De Falco.