Monday, 25 April 2016

Sonoma Circuit WASPA event

Round one of the Sonoma County Subbuteo Circuit was played out on Sunday at Fundemonium Hobby Store in Rohnert Park, California. Four players participated, including young Kieran Vahle making his first Nor Cal Subbuteo appearance and showing his dad has taught him a thing or two! Good fun for all on the day, and an added bonus of a few drop-ins who remembered Subbuteo from their childhood days in England and Scotland and came by to check out the action. Hope to see you all again for Sonoma County Circuit Round Two!

Sunday's scores and circuit results as follows:
Peter Vahle 2 – 0 Vincent Vidal
Conan Mullen 3 – 0 Kieran Vahle
Kieran Vahle 2 – 0 Vincent Vidal
Conan Mullen 1 – 0 Peter Vahle
Vincent Vidal 0 – 3 Conan Mullen
Peter Vahle 1 – 0 Conan Mullen
Vincent Vidal 1 – 2 Peter Vahle

Points on the day:
Conan Mullen 9 pts (GD +6)
Peter Vahle 9 pts (GD +3)
Kieran Vahle 3 pts (GD -1)
Vincent Vidal 0 pts (GD -8)

Sonoma County Circuit points after one round:
Conan Mullen 20
Peter Vahle 19
Kieran Vahle 18
Vincent Vidal 17

Thanks to all who participated or just came by to say hello!