Sunday, 10 April 2016

Bevin Reed wins the 2016 League 1 Cup

Saturday 9 April 2016, Pretoria, South Africa
The 2016 edition of the PFC League 1
Cup saw a field of 8 participants on the day, with each player getting to play 4 matches by way of random draw. Match 1 dished up a mouth watering encounter with pre-tournament favourites Bevin Reed & Jayden van der Merwe renewing their rivalry. In the end Bevin triumphed by 1-0 over Jayden. This gave Bevin the perfect start to the defense of his League 1 title - Bevin secured his first WASPA title by winning the 2015 edition of this cup!
In Round 2 matches, newcomer Stanton Nortjie stunned Bevin by taking the lead on 3 minutes and Bevin played under immense pressure (mostly brought on by himself) for the remainder of the game - Bevin got the equaliser with 44 seconds left to play, and a huge smile of relief followed, as Bevin avoided the "upset of the day". That result left Stanton brimming with confidence, especially after he suffered a 1-0 loss to Julian vd Merwe in Round 1 matches. Round 3 produced a thriller of a match which ended Chessray Jooste (2) v (1) Julian vd Merwe - a match played at franctic pace with both players throwing caution to the wind, constantly probing and looking to exploit any weakness in their opponent!
Bevin had to wait as late as Round 4 to clinch the title, as he ground out a patient 1-0 win over his younger brother Sherwin Reed. On the day Sherwin managed to finish 5th overall - a satisfying finish for one of our newcomers too!
Match 20 saw the battle for 2nd place overall - that match ended Chessray (1) v (0) Jayden, with pre-tournament favourite Jayden having to settle for 3rd
place overall. The triumph for Bevin Reed marks the capture of his 4th WASPA title to date - congratulations to Bevin! Thanks to all for attending and making the day a success once again!

(report by Julian vd Merwe)

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