Monday, 18 April 2016

Old rules trophy for Gerald Brightwell

Good and fun day once again at the Tithe Social Club in Harrow for the OLD Waspa tournament won by Gerald Edwin Brightwell after a no defeat performance in a 6 player Round Robin that guaranteed everyone 5 games. Last round match of the day had the taste of a final in a thrilling 1-1 vs Rudi Peterschinigg that came 2nd, also with no defeats but 1 point behind. Third spot goes to Jonathan Lopez-Real back on flicking after a long break with 6 points ( 2 points for a win), 4th Kevin John Walker with 5, John Ellis (-4) and Neil Doherty (-6) to close the table both with 2.
Once again Congratulations to Gerald Brightwell and thanks to whoever made the effort and hopefully we'll see many more next time

Final Table
Gerald 8 points
Rudi 7 points
Jonathan 6 points
Kevin 5 points
John 2 points (GD -4)
Neil 2 points (GD -6)

(Report by Rudi Peterschinigg)

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