Wednesday, 22 January 2014

The Scottish Circuit starts in Arbroath

The first of three Scottish circuit events of the 2013/14 season took place in Arbroath on Sunday and the event was also counted as a WASPA tournament. 5 players from Glasgow TSA made the trip to the home of Tayside Kickers 91 for the event, which counts towards the Scottish Championship. Although games were played competitively, everyone was in good spirits and enjoyed the friendly atmosphere. Lots of close games and a few upsets made for an exciting day. Congratulations to Steve Bennett (TK91), eventual winner with 10 pts on goal difference, Gareth Christie (TK91) was 2nd, Tom Burns (GTSA) was 3rd with 7 points and Scott Fleming 4th on goal difference. Congrats to Steve. Next stop, the Glasgow International Open.

Final table of the event:
1 Steve Bennett (Tayside Kickers '91)
2 Gareth Christie (Tayside Kickers '91)
3 Scott Fleming (Tayside Kickers '91)
4 Tom Burns (Glasgow TSA)
5 Barry Corr (Glasgow TSA)
6 David Baxter (Tayside Kickers '91)
7 Colin Day (Glasgow TSA)
8 Dave Gladman (Glasgow TSA)
9 Fraser Bruce (Tayside Kickers '91)
10 Stuart Peacock (Tayside Kickers '91)
11 Martin Campbell (Tayside Kickers '91)
12 John Halpin (Glasgow TSA)