Monday, 20 January 2014

Still more news from Malaysia

We recently had somme positive news from Edwin Wong of Imagine Games who was happy to see the WASPA blog speaking about the latest developments of the Hartamas Tigers club. Edwin sent us the following news so that everyone is aware there are much larger developments in the country:

"Subbuteo successfully "relaunched" in Malaysia on 17 August 2013 during THINKCON, held at Bangsar Village where Cempaka Schools (the largest private school in the country) incorporated Table Soccer into their annual inter-house games for the first time ever! The inter-team event saw 64 players/students (32 boys + 32 girls), playing 12 matches, over 5 tables, in team action according to the following format:
- 1 x Boys singles.
- 1 x Girls singles.
- 1 x Boys doubles.
- 1 x Girls doubles.
- 1 x Mixed doubles.

All games were played according to WASPA rules, with referee. This is the largest table soccer event every recorded in the country, and will continue to grow as the group of school has this down as an annual event and part of their overall inter-house challenge.

Following this "launch" comes Jamie's private club, and I'm confident, with more to follow! We are now using the momentum from the Hartamas Tigers to encourage others to form clubs.

Most important to all of this recent excitement is the steady supply of the new Subbuteo Club Editions and teams - since if you remember, we tried to revive this during the last world cup but failed because there were no sets available for enthusiasts to buy."