Saturday, 18 January 2014

24 players and the same winner: Enrico Guidi

On January 15th, the Table Soccer Club Black Rose ’98 Roma ( and organized the “Round 8” of the “WASPA Black League” at the “Black Rose Training Center” located in Fiumicino (Rome), Via delle Lampare, 5.

It was a very nice evening tournament with 24 players attended for the first 2014 tournament and ready to defy the invincible Enrico Guidi. They were representative of three Italian subbuteo associations (TSC Black Rose ’98 Roma, SC Fiamme Azzurre RM and SC Subbito Gol Ferrara).

For the first time in eight rounds TSC Black Rose ’98 Roma organizers decided to play group stages (8 groups of 3 players) followed by three knock out stages (quarters, semifinals and finals): one for the winners of the group stages (master), one for the seconds (open) and one for the thirds (cadetti). In this way all the players have the chance to play 5 matches.

The 8 master players defined at the end of the group stage were: Enrico Guidi, Marco De Berardinis, Luigi Barone, Giovanni Frascarelli, Francesco Portera, Roberto Utzeri, Riccardo Minnetti and Gabriele Silveri. The semi-finals were Enrico Guidi vs Giovanni Frascarelli and Luigi Barone vs Riccardo Minnetti (playing with a subbuteo team for all the tournament…). The first one ended 2-0 for Guidi and the second one ended 4-2 after shoot out.

The final between Enrico Guidi and Luigi Barone was very interesting and ended 1-1. At the sudden death, Enrico Guidi find the winning goal so… we are still trying to find a player that can stop this subbuteo machine (12 consecutive wiinning matches). Second place for a great Luigi Barone; third place for Giovanni Frascarelli and fourth place for Riccardo Minnetti.  

(the video is from the tournament in Milano in December 2013)

In the months to come TSC Black Rose ’98 Roma will organize other WASPA tournaments looking at the different needs (materials and rules) of FISTF and Subbuteo players.

Thanks to all the participants and all Subbuteo Players!
You can find all the 152 (one-hundred-fifty-two…) photos of the evening following this link:

See you soon!

(article by Andrea Strazza)