Friday, 10 May 2013

Next tournament in Michigan

MiSTFA (Michigan Subbuteo Table Football Association) will be hosting their next tournament on Sunday, July 28th in Grand Rapids.

"The 616 Cup is the latest MiSTFA/ASA/WASPA Open tournament. After the success of our recent Flicko de Mayo we anticipate another great turnout for this event.
We plan on returning to SpeakEZ Lounge at 600 Monroe Ave NW in Grand Rapids, a venue which welcomes us with open arms.
The tournament will be a Swiss Ladder format, just for a change, and so we can accommodate a large number of players and a large number of games in a relatively short time.
The name 616 refers not only to the telephone area code for GR, but also the format: 6 pitches, 1 table, 6 matches. This format allows up to 24 players completing the program in 6 hours.
The joy of the Swiss Ladder format is that after the first match or two you are playing against players of a similar standard, but you still have the chance to move into the upper reaches of the competition.
Please RSVP by emailing your phone number and email address. We would also appreciate your RSVP to our event on Facebook to encourage others to attend our tournament through social media channels. 
We will have an entry fee of $5. This will consist of a $2 fee which is passed on directly to the ASA, and the remainder for us. It has been a while since MiSTFA itself charged a tournament entry fee, but we would like to provide trophies and/or prizes for the winners of this magnitude of tournament, plus the larger tournament means more requirement for pitches and we need vehicles to haul them. Any surplus funds will be returned back into the game by providing equipment to new players.
As usual at SpeakEZ, we will not cater any meals, you are free to order anything off the menu you wish. The food has received rave reviews from our previous visitors!
The venue will open by around 10am to begin setting up tables, you will be able to enter by then for any practice or friendlies. Anyone bringing pitches is asked to provide them by this time.
We will start at 11am and aim to have the event wrapped up around 5pm. All times Eastern of course.
We will be preparing a "flickGR" document which provides additional information for visitors from out of town or out of state. This will include a questionnaire about your arrival and accommodation needs. Please fill it out as appropriate and we'll recommend some options for you.
We look forward to seeing you for the next tournament in Grand Rapids, the new hotbed of Subbuteo in the Midwest!", explained organizer Mike Ewer!

The Facebook page of the event is
The recent "Flicko de Mayo tournament" in Grand Rapids had 17 players taking part