Thursday, 23 May 2013

Another victory for Geoffrey Marain in Templeuve

Geoffrey Marain won the Templeuve tournament on thursday evening. 10 players from 3 different clubs were taking part. Marain beat Vincent Coppenolle (4-3) in the final. Logan Adam (in his first WASPA tournament) and Renald Deloose reached the semis. Cyprien Godart and Maxime Hoguet finish 5th. Alain Flament, after a 10 year break, wins the consolation tournament.
Geoffrey Marain's son is already practicing

Cyprien Godart vs Greg Spilmont

Logan Adam vs Maxime Hoguet

The players of the consolation tournament

The traditional group picture

The finalists: Geoffrey Marain & Vincent Coppenolle

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