Tuesday, 2 April 2013

New results & statistics file

The latest version of the WASPA golden book is now available (check here). You will find in the file all results of the tournaments played in March and the latest ranking and statistics.

We have now 599 players in the ranking and they are coming from 31 nations. Scoltland is appearing for the first time, just as the Isle of Man (and that's not a joke!)

13 tournaments have been played under WASPA banner in March and there were some interesting happenings. The tournament in Birmingham played during the English Cup was very exciting with three players finishing on top of the table. Paulo Gouveia won on goal-difference while both Mike Burns and Paul Andreas got the ranking points of the second place.

In Italy the tournament in Rome was played under swiss system by... 24 players, which is amazing!

The last Templeuve tournament had 5 French players taking part and... a French winner. Well done! The players of the Louvroil club were so happy that they are thinking to organize a WASPA tournament soon. That would be the first tournament in France!

Unfortunately the tournament in Northern Ireland was postponed due to snow but there will be some more events over there in the next few weeks and months.

There are interesting development in England with the upcoming "Sliders Tour" organized by the clubs of Manchester TFC and Yorkshire Phoenix. The first event in April is likely to have 24 players!

In the statistics section, you can check that Italy has now organized 20 regional tournaments. Well done!

The WASPA ranking has some interesting changes as Clifford Graaff from South Africa is now 2nd and Pater Sexton from Canada is now 3rd.

Canada is now 3rd in the ranking of nations. Well done for their great efforts!

As for the breaking news, the first tournament in Wales took place on April 1 and the winner was Chris Thomas, one of the best players of the world. Well done to John Lauder for making this possible!

Last point: we have had contacts in Malaysia so hopefully there will be a first WASPA tournament in Malaysia soon!

Well, that's all for now. Enjoy the file and feel free to contact me at vincent.cop@rsca.com to add more events!

Have a great week!