Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Luca Pagani wins the tournament with ETF rules in Modena

10 players attended the WASPA tournament with ETF Rules held on saturday in Modena. There were many goods games between the seven representatives of the club of "OSC Celtic Triangle Bologna" and the three guys of "Subbuteisti Modena". The first part of the event was played in swiss system and Luca Pagani and Claudio Lambertini qualified for the final. Pagani won the decisive game 2-1. In the final for the thrid place, Michele Gabrielli lost to Stefano Cirillo on shots. Well done to Marco Di Francesco for his great work of promotion.
Luca Pagani, winner of the tournament

Claudio Lambertini, runner-up of the tournament
Stefano Cirillo receives his trophy for the third place
The tables and the organizer

The playing area