Friday, 5 April 2013

Important notice about the future of WASPA

Dear all, I think it's important to send you a short notice about the latest developments in international table football.

Most of you probably know I had been appointed as FISTF General Secretary in February during the FISTF General Meeting held in Issy (France). This was a big honor to be back in FISTF but I had already mentionned at that time I would not let down my other duties with WASPA. I believe WASPA is very important for weaker players, occasional players and players who can not afford to travel long distances to play.

In the last few days, I have been told that I had to chose between my position in FISTF or WASPA.

In fact, the FISTF president Luis Horta told me I had to accept WASPA should be organized under the roof of FISTF or I should resign of my position of FISTF General Secretary. Considering I don't accept blackmail, I decided to resign and to concentrate on WASPA.

I also want to point out a couple of inacceptable rumors have been spread by the FISTF President. I can not accept lies and some things need to be said:
- in no way FISTF can forbid nations to host WASPA tournaments;
- in no way FISTF can forbid players to play WASPA tournaments;
- in no way FISTF and WASPA will be rival associations as their goals are different.

Well, I really hope in the future WASPA and FISTF can work together for the good of the game. I am sure FISTF will continue to do good work for the elite players while WASPA will help the local development of subbuteo table football, help to get new players and new clubs and promote small event played at local or regional level.

In less than 2 years, more than 120 WASPA tournaments have been played in 20 nations by more than 600 players from 31 nations. I really hope the number will grow in the future.

Let's build the future of subbuteo all together.

Yours sincerely,
Vincent Coppenolle, founder of the WASPA circuit

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