Friday, 1 March 2013

Updated golden book! (February 2013)

The monthly report of WASPA with the results, rankings and statistics is now available from the download section of the blog.
We had 16 tournaments in February, bringing the total to 106 Regional tournaments (!), 43 new players, bringing a total of 571 players in the ranking. Zimbabwe is now represented, bringing the number of nations to 29.
Some tournaments were brilliant and very positive for the game as many organizers are doing a great work of promotion!
There is a continued development in Canada and the guys in Hamilton and Calgary are doing a great job!
Congratulations to Clifford Graaff in South Africa for bringing more and more new players to the game!
Italy is becoming the most active nation in terms of number of tournaments and it is great to have a legend of subbuteo like Andrea Di Vincenzo winning a WASPA tournament!
Australia is struggling to have players at tournaments but at least the game is alive, promotion is continued and hopefully there will be a tournament in Melbourne in the near future!
England is now really part of WASPA with successful tournaments in Harrow Weald (where everyone played 8 games) and Heckmondwike.
Welcome to Finland. The first tournament in the country was held in Lappeenranta and everyone played 8 games!
Good also to see Singapore and Hong Kong in action under WASPA banner. Hopefully many more events will take place in Asia!
Special thanks finally to the players from Dortmund & Bergkamen for their great initiative. The "5-4-8 series" are a great idea: tournament where 8 players can play 5 games in 4 hours. The first tournament had only positive feedback! Hopefully many more to come!
As for the WASPA rules, please note that after having received constructive feedback from canada I have adjusted the criteria for the "promotional tournaments". Now the rules is updated as follows: Every player is free to take part in a promotional tournament but only players who are not in the top 50 in the last WASPA ranking are allowed to take part. 2 wild cards are possible for players not ranked in the top 25 and who have not won a Regional tournament in the last 12 months.
Well, that's all for now. Good luck to the players travelling this week-end to Belgium for the FISTF Major in Frameries. This is the biggest tournament of the year with 48 teams playing the team competitions and 240 individuals! WASPA will also have events in several places this week-end and all over the month.
It's not too late to add a tournament so feel free to send your tournament requests at 
Have a great week-end!