Thursday, 21 March 2013

French winner in a belgian tournament

We had a great time tonight in Templeuve for the WASPA tournament attended by 12 players (including 5 from France) who were dropped in 2 groups of 6. In group A three players had 4 wins but Ulrich Linquercq was first on goal difference. There were many surprises but Grégory Puissant was the strongest player in group B before defeating Maxime Hoguet in quarter-final, Geoffrey Marain in the semi and Vincent Coppenolle in the final. The french club of Louvroil is now thinking to host a WASPA tournament that could be the "revenge" of this great evening.
A great field of 12 players were present

The finalists, Grégory Puissant & Vincent Coppenolle
The ranking:
1. Grégory Puissant
2. Vincent Coppenolle
3. Jérémie Gosset & Geoffrey Marain
5. Ludovic Midoux & Ulrich Linquercq
7. Maxime Hoguet & Ludovic Wienecke
9. Renald Deloose
10. Stéphane Lambert
11. Cyprien Godart
12. Philippe Godart