Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Ten (yes 10!) more tournament in the WASPA circuit

10 tournaments have been added in the WASPA calendar in the last 24 hours. Many events will be held in Italy but there will also be one more tournament in California and one more in canada. Please note the event in Milano will be played with the ETF rules.
March 15: tournament in Simi Valley, California (USA).
March 16: Ludica 2013 - Festival Italiano del Gioco e del Videogioco - Fiera di Milano. Play with ETF rules.
March 20: tournament in Viareggio (Italy).
March 27: tournament in La Spezia (Italy).
April 7: tournament in Calgary (Canada).
April 14: tournament "Primavera" in Manoppello (Italy).
May 12: "Torneo Majella" in Pescara (Italy).
May 26: "Torneo Majella" in Chieti (Italy).
June 16: "Arabona Tour" in Pescara (Italy).
July 13-14: "EW Cup" in Manoppello Scalo (Italy).