Monday, 18 March 2013

Exhibition in Milano (Italy)

Beautiful pictures of the exhibition (courtesy of Luca Rajna)

Four images taken on saturday March 16th during a demonstration of the game with ETF rules at the "Ludica Milan 2013".

Luca Rajna reported there was a maximum enthusiasm among spectators and approval for certain players (as it had been for Luca) was an unexpected surprise. There were talks to create a club where people can play subbuteo with ETF rules.

For the sake of accuracy, the one in the picture was a demonstration absolutely fun/amateur: a problem for "technical" axis on which was pasted (sic) in the field dedicated to cotton, we had to use an Astropitch, which is not allowed by the regulation. For this reason, despite having had the chance, we have organized a WASPA tournament limiting to individual challenges as well as the explanation of the rules of the game.

Very nice picture on the bottom left where a goal is scored using a thumbnail to lob the "Subbuteo Legend": their performance was the second surprise of the demonstration, the Subbuteo "the Legend" are similar to flat for the quality of engagement between the another, congratulations to those who have decided to make regulations in the game WASPA-ETF because if you use the big ball these miniatures are fully and scope collectible and play seriously. Here, too, this opens up a new world.

(translated from the Italian)