Monday, 13 June 2011

Poor turnout but great fun in Templeuve

Only six players took part in the tournament held in Templeuve on monday. Despite the low turnout, there were many great games. Dino & Eros Descamps didn't manage to qualify for the final and Dino won the game for the 5th place against his younger brother. Elodie Bertholet & Jean-Luc Platiaux came top of their groups in the first round but both players lost their semi-finals. Vincent Coppenolle beat Elodie Bertholet while Renald Deloose won against Jean-Luc Players. In the final, it was an easy win for Renald Deloose. He was already up (3-0) at half-time and won the game on a clear 7-3. Hopefully there will be more players taking part next time.
The players
The game for the 5th place
Renald Delose's Standard de Liège
The final